Training Overview

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Your first lesson will start with a traditional warm up designed to gently stretch and check the body is in good condition. You will spend 30 mins with the teacher being introduced to basic movements and exercises that are simple and use little strength. You will then join the main class and be introduced to the other students and have a light practice at your own pace.

As you progress you will be introduced to the 9 basic techniques of Aikido, 5 ways to break balance so your training partner falls and 4 ways of using joint manipulation to immobilise your training partner. These are practiced at the start of every lesson. The middle part of a lesson is spent looking at a specific middle grade technique, moving on to its variations or combinations in the last part.

Most students start in t-shirt and jogging bottoms. After about 4 training sessions you will have learned rolls and basic moves and will be presented with a red beginners belt. Training uniforms ( gi ) are available for about £15. Later on you may take an interest in the weapons of Aikido and purchase them through the club or other sources.

Students are encouraged to train in a cool calm and relaxed manner letting the technique do the work rather than power and aggression.

The dojo environment allows students to experience a different world leaving the stress of their everyday lives and at the door.

What We Offer

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self defence

You will gain confidence and ability to diffuse or avoid harmful situations

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Through regular training, you will enhance your own fitness, leading to increased strength, speed, stamina and flexibility

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weapons training

We offer the opportunity to learn more about Aikido through tradtional weapons training including the jo, bokken and tanto

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Throughout your time at Shoe County Aikido, you will enjoy a relaxed environment with like-minded people willing to encourage and learn together